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University Club Mission Statement

The University Club vigorously endeavors to promote collegiality among our diverse faculty, staff, administrative professionals, and annuitants. We seek to support University activities as embodied in the vision and core values outlined in Educate • Connect • Elevate, to learn about and tell the stories of the culture of our academic and town community, and to support and enhance a vigorous exchange of ideas in a congenial environment that encourages friendship, cooperation, and ongoing intellectual growth.

Through the generosity and support of our members, we provide a series of scholarships that are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students at Illinois State University. This scholarship program rewards some of the best and brightest students who have contributed to community and University development as well as succeeding at the highest levels academically. We always endeavor to sustain and promote ongoing open and free communication in this community and to support the finest ideals of education and academic life.


Attend a meeting or contact our President Bob Preston at or (309) 438-7933; or contact Vice President JoAnna Mink at